Social responsibility

As you know, business success is not only to make a profit, but the responsibility of the state, citizens and society in general.

Projects JSC "Tartip" aimed at solving the problems of development of IT-infrastructure in Kyrgyzstan to reduce the digital divide of citizens, the protection of legal documents and disclosures to users the broad opportunities provided by modern information technology. Access to technology and information resources for people opens the way for broader social and economic opportunities, in the long term contributes to the economic growth of our country.

JSC "Tartip" works with an awareness of their responsibility:

  • Before customers - for high quality products and services.
  • Before the users of our information systems - for the quality of IT-based tools.
  • To employees - for the provision of favorable and equal working conditions.
  • Before society - for the development of social projects.
  • Before the state - for the development of IT-industry in the country and quality execution of public contracts.

Areas of social responsibility JSC "Tartip":

  • Supporting education
  • Support for innovation
  • Support for Culture

We do not just work, we invest profits in the development of our country!