Open School

The opportunity for students, parents, teachers and school management

The beginning of XXI century. - This is the era of innovation, with fundamental changes in education, changes our understanding of the forms of presentation and role in today's society.

Integration and internationalization of education contribute to the formation of the world market of educational services. Today, there are technological and public education systems that provide educational services, regardless of distance and borders. Along with the traditional (classical) form became widely used non-traditional ways of learning, based on modern educational and information technologies. This system of open and distance learning, which is based on the Internet - technologies and e-learning.

We offer to your attention our new development - the portal for all levels of schooling . It is an open learning environment for schools, based on a modern IT-infrastructure. It includes all the features of modern information educational environment and is capable of self-development. Will be accessible to such popular today, resources and modules like:

  • E-zine;
  • Electronic diary;
  • Electronic reporting forms;
  • Video lessons;
  • Electronic Library;
  • Online consultations of psychologists and lawyers;
  • A lot of other interesting features.

The new principle of education today is the management of knowledge and new technologies - a convenient delivery system of knowledge representation and formalization of knowledge, as well as the possibility of continuous and efficient control of knowledge.