For some types of documents in connection with a limited term of their actions are carried out online verification procedures to reality. Validation differs from the authentication that such documents exist temporarily as part of a dynamic information system. An important role is played by the management of the temporary documents by authorized persons. At the end of the "lifetime" of the document of limited duration it becomes invalid. An example of the implementation of the verification procedure is actually placed on the portal validation of student tickets. This information system contains information about the documents series of CL, issued by the universities participating The Uniform electronic system of education management from 2010 to the present day.

To check the validity of student tickets developed a mobile application based on Android operating system and a mobile version. Check the validity present documents can now be on-site presentation at any time! You must have a mobile phone or smartphone connected to the Internet. Download the mobile app to check the validity of student tickets are available at a The Uniform electronic system of education management of the Kyrgyz Republic .

Note: Check validity of student ticket is only for students who are studying in universities participating were directed. Writing about the possibility of checking student ticket online is available in front of the student card. If the order of the high school student is expelled or transferred to the next course, reality check will give a negative answer. For questions about the validity of the orders were directed to the student should seek clarification in a dean's office.