Documentary printing

Documentary printing includes a whole list of documents issued by the authorized organization person or entity, and confirming the existence of the document, the level of education or other authorities / achievements / competencies from the holder of the document. These documents include:

  • diplomas;
  • certificates;
  • certification;
  • certificates, etc.

In the sphere of activity of our company is production of personalized documents; documents lacking manual filling. In addition to the beautiful appearance of such documents and have additional benefits for their owners and for the organization, in whose name the document was issued, namely:

  • streamlined production cycles for rapid production of documents;
  • a library of standard shapes and forms of high quality for a better recognition of the document by the employer or other interested person;р
  • functioning online service authentication documents to your document can be quickly legalized anywhere in the world where there is access to the Internet.

See samples and a list of the documents produced in our factory at present, in the section "Products".

Placing Documents in the registry Authentication

Register Authentication formed for over 10 years. Currently, the registry contains more than 700,000 records. Daily checked dozens of documents. We are trusted by foreign and domestic employers, educational institutions and government agencies. Each document in the registry has documented the legality of their origin.

However, there are documents, which were made before the advent of electronic registries, either by the manufacturer could not provide documents to holders of documents authentication service.

It is now possible to place in our registry of documents using the new services: Placing document (s) in the register without the obligatory authentication procedures previously manufacture in our company. The service is only available to legal persons under the special service agreement. Provision of supporting documents - a prerequisite for getting the document to the registry. Individuals recommend that you contact the organization on whose behalf the document was issued, and provide documentary evidence of the organization. Applications for services are accepted by e-mail

About how the authentication procedure can be found in the section "Technology".

Personalized cards

The plastic cards are personalized documents on a plastic carrier.

Unlike paper-registered cards have a shorter "shelf life", contain less information and more are used in areas that require confirmation of the current status of an individual, the holder of the document at a particular time interval. An example of the plastic cards are:

  • Plastic student cards;
  • loyalty cards;
  • ID cards;
  • badges;
  • confirm the special status of the card (benefits, various associations);
  • pass.

The plastic cards usually contain a bar code. The surface of the plastic card secure to abrasion, so this kind of papers are suitable for frequent use. Part of the name cards used in automated border crossing systems and work "to the bearer".

To check the cards, the procedures online check the validity. Read more about this technology you can find in the corresponding section of our website.

See samples and a list of registered cards issued by our company at the moment, in the section «Products».

Development of information systems, sites and portals

Since 2002, our experts offer development of custom solutions for businesses, as well as the solution of various problems of individual tasks. Since 2002, our experts offer development of custom solutions for businesses, as well as the solution of various problems of individual tasks.

At the moment, we have the knowledge and practical experience in developing multi-level information systems in the following areas of application:

  • Education at all levels, from preschool to higher professional;
  • Information service facilities with special modes of operation (explosive and flammable objects);
  • Financial sector;
  • Secure document systems;
  • Interagency information monitoring processes and objects;
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of online and ratings agencies and systems.
  • System inventory of cultural sites.

We are also ready to implement any solution you need for your business or your organization.

A list of currently operating projects and services, you can see on the page "Projects".

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Affiliate programs (providing franchises)

Currently available for the franchise in the project "Open School".

For the terms of the franchise write a request to the email address