JSC "Tartip" - IT Company and Polygraphic complex, more than 17 years of successful history, provides a full range of services in the field of professional custom software development, system integration, strategic and technological IT consulting, testing, maintenance and support, as well as the full cycle web development. Cooperating with JSC "Tartip", you have at your disposal:

  • Experienced professionals with systems thinking
  • Leading Technologies
  • Well-established methodology for project management
  • The rich experience of successful implementations
  • Complete quality control software
  • The flexible model of cooperation
  • Manufacturing and online authentication of documents
  • Innovative solutions

Documents authentication

Checking the authenticity of documents on the criterion of "Yes / No" - the simplest level of identification online. Verifiable documents of the state and non-state sample (certificates, licenses, diplomas, etc.) manufactured in JSC "Tartip" using copyright technology personalization and authentication. At the request of interested organizations JSC "Tartip" also provides full identification of personal data and expert information and printed document protection against counterfeiting.


29 декабря 2018 года Коллектив ЗАО «ТАРТИП» поздравляет всех с наступающим Новым годом! Желаем Вам отличного настроения в эти новогодние праздники. Пусть 2019 год станет для Вас временем перемен к лучшему, периодом исполнения загаданных желаний. Желаем Вам, чтобы Новый год принес с собой удачу в работе, мир и благополучие в дом, искренние эмоции и как можно больше поводов для улыбок. Пусть уверенность в светлом будущем укрепится в Вас во стократ, а наши взаимоотношения крепнут и процветают!!!

25 декабря 2018 года Уважаемые клиенты! Компания ЗАО «Тартип» в предпраздничные дни будет работать по следующему графику: 30.12.2018 - 07.01.2019 – выходные дни, 29.12.2018 – рабочий день, с 08.01.2019 и далее - работаем в обычном режиме. С наступающим Новым годом!!!

05 октября 2018 года Состоится семинар на тему "Подготовка форм сбора информации". Приглашаются ответработники Профессиональных лицеев Кыргызской Республики. Запись по телефонам: 0 (312) 32-50-40, 0 (555) 344-364 или по электронной почте: info@tartip.kg.

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The system of online monitoring of execution of orders. The service is intended for customers of personalized document production JSC "Tartip." More

The Uniform electronic system of education management

Specialized portal for applicants, students, teachers and administrative staff of higher education institutions. More

Open School

Modern IT-infrastructure for schools: electronic journals, diaries, and reporting forms, video tutorials, online resources, expert advice and more. More

New direction

Expansion of the registry documents

Service authentication documents daily handles many requests from foreign and domestic employers, educational institutions, government agencies and authorities, to check the documents for their legal origin.

The document is automatically placed in the register after the procedure for the application of its manufacturing organization, in whose name the document was issued. Currently, the registry contains more than 700 thousand documents and constantly updated with new documents.

Now available a new service: Accommodation at the registry document (s) without a mandatory procedure before manufacturing at our plant. For services to send a request via e-mail verify@tartip.kg

Note the important information:

The service is available only for legal entities and produced by special service agreement.

Individuals who are interested in placing your documents in the register can contact the organization on whose behalf the document was issued, and send a request to place the documents in the register on behalf of their organization.

About how the authentication procedure can be found in the section "Technologies".