The Uniform electronic system of education management

Modern information educational environment in higher education

In the modern world increases the importance of education as the most important factor in the formation of a new quality of economy and society, manifested the leading role of innovation and, therefore, the priority becomes high-level education. The role of education at the present stage of development of the Kyrgyz Republic is determined by the objectives of the transition to democracy and the rule of law, market economy, the need to overcome the backlog of the country from the global level.

The education system of Kyrgyzstan, as an essential element of public life and government, should be aimed at addressing the strategic challenges for the country as:

  • improving the welfare of citizens;
  • ensuring social stability, development of civil society;
  • use tools for the democratization of the educational process;
  • ensuring the safety of citizens and the state;
  • ensuring the needs of the labor market for skilled workers;
  • participation in the development of innovation and competitiveness of the graduates.

In the emerging environment of market economy, civil society and the successful implementation of these objectives is the subject of a strategic partnership between the state, society and business.

One of the main directions of development of information technologies in the management of education in our country is the project "The Uniform electronic system of education management" portal ( ), developed for the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic, which includes:

  • information infrastructure;
  • the technical infrastructure;
  • adaptive mechanisms to ensure compatibility with local information systems of universities.

The Uniform electronic system of education management is a dynamic multi-level distributed information system with a clock function. It implemented and are in constant development of all vital processes of higher education institutions to improve the quality of training and the mechanisms of management of educational process. Each participant in the educational space were directed may have access to your email account. Electronic classrooms equipped with modern electronic instruments. The functional rooms are constantly expanding. Were directed step by step extends the capabilities of its users.

Currently, the system has the following modules:

  • On-line analytics (charts and reports) on different aspects of the educational process;
  • Automatic generation of form 3-NK;
  • Ability to generate electronic schedules online and in the mobile version;
  • Check the validity of student tickets on three platforms: the desktop version, the mobile version, mobile app;
  • Package automation dean, personnel department, training department;
  • Flexible customization of modules, taking into account the peculiarities of structural units in different universities;
  • The modules for distance learning processes;
  • Electronic record book;
  • Information block for receiving service companies in the online mode indicator;
  • Remote interaction of all participants in the educational process;
  • And many more ...