The system of online monitoring of execution of orders

Today, one of the significant problems in the manufacture of large volumes of personalized products and a high degree of intensity of work is to control the timing of execution of orders and the work of those responsible. As a result of inefficient operation increases the periods during which the owners of the documents receive them in his arms. Besides, the order management system remains completely opaque to the customer, who has to constantly communicate personally with employees to control their problems.

To solve these problems has been developed a simple and convenient service - a system of online monitoring of execution of orders Web-Ariadna. This service allows you to not only significantly improve the existing control of execution of orders, but also to connect the clients themselves to the information system of execution of orders, thus reducing the load on the staff of the company by providing customers with a convenient interface for setting targets and monitoring the status of the order.

Benefits of Using Web-Ariadna:

  • Control of execution of orders and the timing of the performers themselves work through direct observation of the performance of each order;
  • The transparency of the control system, allowing to observe the work and monitor the status of the order can own not only the perpetrators, but also the leadership of educational institutions.
  • coordination of staff in other cities or regions of the country.

To the customers of JSC "Tartip" service is provided free use. It gives instructions for use. To access the service please contact us.

Thanks to its versatility Web-Ariadna can be expanded to order management system in any organization that uses elements of logistics in their work.