Diplomas and certificates (on education, on professional development)

The documents are available in two or three languages ​​(Kyrgyz / Russian or Kyrgyz / Russian / English) by the customer and have a multi-layered defense against counterfeiting. Manufactured documents included in the register online authentication. Forms of documents standardized.

Certificates (personality, soft, office)

Identity cards are available in two versions:

A) STANDARD BOOK (a folding book, without internal pages)

B) A MULTI-PAGE BOOK (in the form of a multi-product, containing 1-2 pages with personal data and a few pages of manual marks)

Gradebook and student tickets

Gradebook are available in two languages ​​(Kyrgyz / Russian or English / Russian) by the customer. Gradebook page contains personal data of the student and the number of pages required to manually fill in the learning process of the student. The gradebook includes fields are credit hours. Electronic service system of the educational process is free of charge.

Plastic cards

Plastic cards have a standard size, contain personal information of the owner in accordance with the map view and a bar code format QR, means for reading the electronic view.

Magazines for schools

Magazines are designed to serve the educational process at school, college, high school, driving school, etc.

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