JSC "Tartip"

JSC "Tartip" - a stable company operating on the market since 2002. Since its inception, even in times of crisis, we fulfill our obligations.

The company provides a wide range of services for the development of web-solutions, bar coding technology, production of personalized documents, intelligent processing of large data sets. We are constantly developing: our experts monitor new technological solutions, conducted analyzes of the market, learn the preferences and wishes of the users of our services. The company always meets the requirements of customers!

During the work the company has grown, matured and took a strong position in the domestic market for the production of personalized documents and provision of quality services to the users of our cloud services.

JSC "Tartip" uses a multi-stage and advanced data protection technology that can guarantee a high level of protection of software, personalized documents and their electronic counterparts.

We focus on the dynamic development of the company and promote the development of modern information technologies in Kyrgyzstan.

If you want to learn more about JSC "Tartip", please contact us.

Why are we

For the successful resolution of the case required a professional, experienced team, efficiency in work, focus only on success. Our team has all the components of this formula. Of fundamental importance, we believe build long term relationships with our customers and users of services based on the principles of mutual benefit, and individual approach and confidentiality of information.

We employ only qualified professionals:

  • graduates of the best universities in the country
  • specialists with a degree
  • key employees have extensive experience in the directions of our activity
  • We are following the development of the market of IT-services, participate in seminars and conferences
  • our consultants are experienced managers with experience in international IT-companies

Our team is characterized by:

  • increase efficiency: We understand the urgency of the issues and are working efficiently
  • harmonious intra-organization process: we do not have corporate bureaucracy, so in our company decisions are made very quickly
  • high professional and personal qualities: our close-knit team, where everyone has the knowledge, experience, extensive contacts can really "move mountains"
  • liability: We do our best to organize the work of quality at all stages of production and design. We objectively assess the risks and do not give false promises.


The company pursues an active innovation policy. Our experts are constantly engaged in the development and improvement of advanced technologies for the production of personalized documents. In 2013, the company plans to enter the market with new large-scale IT-projects.

Geography Service

As part of the service for online authentication of documents public and private values ​​of the geography of services covers more than 70 countries.

Cooperation with state structures

Our company has authority in government, we are working with many of the consultants and experts.